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December 2, 2020

Treasure Up Your Memories With Personalized Photo Gifts

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Personalized photo gifts make an extraordinary preference for any gift-giving occasion. High quality photo gifts are now one of the most chosen personalized gifts that are available. They can be created to wonderful personalized photo gifts, although if you want to make sure that the recipients actually get delight from them, then you should make a choice of the right photo. You can give photo gift which can instantly turn into your beloved?s most valued possessions. Personalized gifts are always exceptional. Whether it’s a throw, pillow, tote or bags, the photo gift will always gain focus. Personalized photo gifts like these make it easy to treasure up your memories. Special times are rare and few, so treasuring up your times are necessary for this photo gifts will really make sense and will become perfect defined gifts when shared will make your friends, beloved or your grand parents will surely become delighted. These photo gifts can be designed to incorporate images of the many blissful celebrations as well as childish moments that you and your people have shared. These gifts become treasures that can be handed down through generations.

Personalized photo gifts present you an unbelievable range of options for your needs.
And digital photography has made the procedure of making photo gifts very simple. These personalized photo gifts look like they took a lot of thought and make for a long-lasting and endearing present. The small-sized personalized blankets are perfect baby shower gifts. Larger throws are wonderful wedding or anniversary presents. Photo pillows or totes are great for birthdays as well as other special occasions like Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Photo gifts like photo blankets are available in a variety of selections. The regular material used in photo blankets is 100% mercerized cotton yarns which can be crafted to a wonderful photo gift throw. These yarns provide a crusty picture quality for the computerized image to be transferred onto the blanket and throw pillows can also keep our memories fresh. Text messages can be added to these gift blankets. So preserving these memories on a personalized photo throw makes a great way to keep the relationship alive. When you want a photo blanket that is crystal clear for presenting some as a photo gift, I recommend you to choose a photo gift store where they use a dye process that will not fade, change the texture of the fabric, and can produce elegant clarity for your photo on that blanket.

November 11, 2020

Posing The Subject – Portrait Photography

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A good pose should suit the sitter and be harmonious with their personality. Accordingly, there are few hard and fast rules.

This article aims to highlight some simple methods for finding a suitable poses for any subject, and focuses primarily on a head and shoulders portrait of a single sitter.

? Shoulders

When the shoulders are square to the camera, they will appear artificially broadened, and give the portrait a very static look. It is usually best to position the subject so that the line of their shoulders is about 30? to the the subject/camera axis. The easiest way to do this is to sit the subject on a chair placed at an angle of 30?.

Use a chair without arms, because the subject will automatically use them, and this tends to make clothes ride up, affecting the shoulder and neck lines. The best shoulder line is produced when the hands are placed in the sitter’s lap, or the far hand place on their knee (the idea here is that the near shoulder should always be higher than the far shoulder).

Depending on the subject, a good pose can be obtained if the subject sits facing away from the camera (i.e. back to camera with shoulders still at about 30? to the the subject/camera axis), and looks back over their shoulder.

? Head

When the shoulders are at 30? to the the subject/camera axis (facing the camera), the head can rotate through an angle of about 100?. The head can also be tilted either side of the vertical axis. The exact degree of rotation and tilt will depend on the subject, and require some experimentation (and you may need to adjust your lighting) . If the head is turned too far, it can produce unsightly neck wrinkles.

Generally, very formal portraitures are produced when the axis of the facial features is vertical (i.e. it is not tilted to either side). This is often a good option for more mature subjects.

Tilting the head to either side creates a diagonal axis to the features. This suggests movement an vitality, and is often best for younger subjects.

If the subject has a weak chin, get them to tilt their head back a little, which will make their chin stick out. If they have a strong jaw, have the subject tilt their head forward reduce its prominence.

Care needs to be taken with 3/4 portraits (i.e. the face is at an angle of about 45? to the subject/camera axis). The tip of the nose should not coincide with, nor cut through the profile of the cheek.

? Eyes

The eyes are the most important element of a portrait. They should not be looking down, unless you wish to convey thoughtfulness or any other emotion (e.g. coyness, sadness, etc).

Eyes looking directly at the camera is usually the best option.

Take care when photographing eyes that are not looking at the camera. This creates a sight-line (a line that the viewer’s eyes follow), which can lead the viewer’s eyes out of the picture. The best option here is to include a little more background, so that the subject’s gaze falls within the frame.

? Smiles

Genuine smiles are hard to capture. Avoid big grins and grudging smiles. Some people smile easily, while other rarely smile at all. Go for a natural expression, be it serious or smiling, and remember, true feelings are expressed by the eyes!

? Camera height

The optimum camera height for portraiture is at about the same level as the subjects eyes.

Raising the camera height a little about eye level can cause the subject to open their eyes a little wider.

Conversely, dropping the camera height a little below eye level can add height and dignity.

Experiment. If taking a head and shoulders portrait, you don’t need to read any further.

? Hands

Hands can be included in a head and shoulders shot, but are difficult to photograph because they can easily look like a bunch of bananas. They should not be nearer to the camera than the face, or they will be too prominent. Hands turned sideways with fingers extended look elegant.

If including hands, try and give them somewhere to rest, or something to do (e.g. holding a prop).

? Arms

If forearms are to be included in the shot, they should not form a vertical line. Ideally forearms and hands should point towards the face. However, watch for changes to the shoulder line, as raising a limb can also raise a shoulder (the near shoulder should always be higher than the far shoulder).

? Multiple subjects

The single most important objective is to connect the subjects in some way (e.g. looking at each other, touching heads, etc), otherwise they might as well be photographed separately.

Avoid heads in a row, and gaps between the subjects. Make one head higher than the other(s) to create a triangular composition. Two heads inclined towards each other also forms a triangle.

Footnote: There are circumstances when these “rules” may be broken, but the intention of this article is to convey simple guidelines applicable to most situations.

October 9, 2020

The Pink Digital Camera is Not Exclusive to Women Anymore

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Pink was once the color code associated with girls, but gone are those days today pink has become a gender disarmament color. In last one decade pink has been a global fashion statement and people are not still willing to shed it off. The enthusiastic and vibrant pink colored digital cameras have become a hot pick among young generation today. Moving with the vibrant notions of pink color in mind this piece of write up educates you how to pick up a vibrating latest camera. Think of vibrant color especially pink while making a purchase for a latest camera There are lots of options available in the market when it comes to buying a pink color latest digital camera. The best once are rolled out by Sony, a recent one by Sony with 4X zoom with a 4X wide angled 8mm lens has become a hot pick these days. This digital gadget comes with a full auto operation mode; the auto operation mode optimizes your camera’s performance. Catch those Wahoo moments with its smile detection feature. Smile dictation is not one of those bespoken features another bespoken feature its steady shot mode allowing you to capture anything with minimum blur effect. One downside is the camera doesn’t come with standard 3 inch LCD it has a 2.7 inch LCD display. This digital camera doesn’t have a card slot in such a case you have to use an SD media card or thumb drive. Though Sony was first to roll out vibrant series of latest cameras but other manufacturers are not far behind in the race they are in a neck to neck competition with Sony. Some of the major pink digital camera players in market are. Kodak Kodak has rolled out a unique range of pink digital cameras that are easily recognizable because of its unique external dimensions. The customers of Kodak easy share are happy go lucky with their best friend. If we dip down into tech specifications of this digital camera the camera comes backpacked with 7 MP lens that capture printable images of good quality. There are various lucrative built in features like image cropping, image resize and more available in the camera. The camera has an optical zooming ranging between 3X to 5 X for capturing far most objects. Casio One of the most decent once is rolled out by Casio, Casio EX-Z80. The Casio EX-Z80 offers yet another brilliant pink camera to the public. It may not be the least expensive among all pink digital cameras. The bespoken features like 8.1 MP lens with 3X optical zooming and an exilic engine make it worth value for money. The image print quality is just fabulous. There are two variants of this pink digital camera sold at market by Casio chose the one that fits in your budget. The best way to buy these digital cameras is to go out and search at camera price buster and stock clearance. Camera price buster is a special place for buying older models of pink digital cameras. The underlying fact is that all the above mentioned cameras can satisfy your passion for expression.

September 10, 2020

A Time Lapse Tells A Story One Thousand Minutes Long

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The beauty of time lapse photography is that it allows us to see the world from the perspective of a great being that lives a thousand years or more.

As humans our hardwired range of temporal perception lie within limits governed by our physiological and mental states. Time lapse photography allows us to see the passage of time and control it so that we can ‘see’ a city transform through day and night, or see the bullet effect made famous by the Matrix movies.

Another application is security.

The use on time lapse cameras on construction sites around the world allows project managers and logistics managers to get an insight into the flow of events through time on the build. This can help make more efficient future builds and streamline the ergonomic flow of events.

A benefit of time lapse photography is that it lends a narrative to a lengthy process which helps to get a message across more effectively by telling the story of the event in a bite-size chunk of time. Time lapse films are also useful for marketing staff who need to convey a process in a tight time frame.

Some excellent examples of this and some pioneering experimental work is exhibited on the Lobster Pictures company site. They have developed their own time lapse camera, the Lobster Pot, and accompanying time lapse software, Lobster Lapse, that allows managers to view work on construction sites in real time using a web browser from anywhere in the world. This is exemplified by the NHS Bradford, UK, site construction video.

The film company also uses time lapse photography techniques for producing TV and film for broadcasters and corporate productions, such as Channel 4 in the UK and other television channels. They are also working on 3d stereoscopic time lapse techniques, being able to draw upon the skills of their experienced creative staff.

August 14, 2020

Tips To Get The Best Printing On Canvas

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Printing on canvas is very popular these days. If you are planning to buy art on canvas for your home, or to gift it to someone, here are some tips to help you get the best and affordable printing on canvas:

Choose the best company: These days, there are various online companies that offer printing on canvas. To get your photos on canvas or modern art prints on canvas, you just need to upload your digital photo to the company’s website. You can also choose from a wide range of artworks that the site has. The photos to canvas company will thoroughly examine your photo to decide whether it is suitable for canvas print or not. After thorough assessment, the professional artists use digital art to give you high quality photos to canvas. At times, they also make necessary changes in your photo to make them more livelier and have a life like quality. Finally, they ask you which format and style you are looking for. Based on your preference, you can get prints on canvas in a really attractive form.

Ensure the quality of printing on canvas: If you want your prints on canvas to look young and colouful even after years of its purchase, make sure that it has good quality. To check the quality of printing on canvas, ensure that it has canvas coating. Canvas coating is a laminated film that protects the canvas art prints from dust, water and other things that might damage it. You must ask your online printing on canvas company whether it has used canvas coating or not. If they haven’t you should probably not buy art on canvas or get your photos to canvas from such a company.

Get Canvas offers high quality photos on canvas and canvas art prints. You can get have your treasured photographs, drawings or painting transferred onto canvas as wonderful digital artwork. They provide complete pictures on canvas services and image correction, removing red eye, date stamps, colour changes to sepia or black and white, collage styles, special effects, and lots more which is all free.

This website offers an exclusive and unique range of beautiful prints on canvas by professional artists and photographers. Each art print is available in a range of sizes to suit your walls. They use HP Designjet Z2100 Photo Printers to reproduce digital images accurately and consistently with magnificent colour for museum quality prints. Further, pigment inks are used which help the colour to resist fading for as long as 200 years. You get to approve the proofs before you pay for your items. The canvas art prints are tightly framed and supplied with hanging kits.

July 9, 2020

Your Wish As Finally Come True, An Affordable Digital Camera.

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Did you ever wish that you could have a camera to bring to the beach that took great pictures on land and in the water? Well your wish has come true. Olympus cameras have come up with a digital camera that takes great pictures on land and underwater.

The Olympus Stylus 850 has all those great features that you desire. This camera is waterproof to 10 feet of water, takes great pictures and movies, comes in different colors, has a 5x digital zoom, rugged metal body and revolutionary shock-absorbing construction are designed to withstand a 5′ drop.

The things that I like about the Olympus Stylus 850 digital camera is that it has Face Detection that tracks your subjects’ faces within the frame and automatically focuses and optimizes exposure for sharp, brilliant pictures. Plus, the camera panorama mode captures 3 images and stitches them together to create one amazing panoramic picture.

But you may ask ?why Olympus digital cameras?? Well the answer is ?Olympus digital cameras is well known for producing high quality cameras way before digital cameras became popular and well known.? Olympus has their own line of digital cameras to choose from, including the SLR cameras, they are unique and are highly recommended by professional photographers, and amateur photographers as well. They are easy to operate and make photography fun!

The Olympus Stylus 850 digital camera is affordable, priced under $300. There are other Olympus models to choose from but if you want a fun camera that?s easy to operate than the Olympus Stylus 850 is for you.

June 4, 2020

Believe The Make Believe World Of Commercial Photographer

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Some argue that the world of a commercial photographer is but a semblance of a world that enables the audience to relate the advertisements and hoardings in a meaningful way to their own lives of everyday struggles, needs, desires and the wish to fulfil them. Verisimilitude some might say, but it is not absolutely untrue. A commercial photographer has to delve into the lives of the people he wants to serve through his pictures. And then with the findings of the everyday life, the photographer works around a campaign that not only shows the reader their everyday life but also gives them a hope of better life.

An advertisement is a promise ? a promise of a better life, better living conditions, better amenities, better health and a lot of other things that a person holds dear. The job of the commercial photographer is to uphold that hope that the average ordinary human being nurtures in the mind and goes about the daily chores of life.

The job of a commercial photographer is to bring out that promise that the client or the manufacturer wants to communicate to his consumers. This is no small job. It takes several shots to finally get that shot which would portray this promise and encourage the hope further.

The world of advertisement is meant to be the ?real world? where fantasies would take shape and thus help in human evolution. Imagination is that important element that would help us all pull off the ordeal of surpassing the present and make way for the future. And the commercial photographer just helps us imagine through his work. The commercial photographer helps us conquer the unimaginable. Shattering the illusions of tomorrow, an advertisement gives us the inspiration to find our way to fulfil the dreams or what we fantasise, today.

April 16, 2020

Crystal Clear Background Whitening to Remove Dull Scenes

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Background whitening is done to revive dull scenes also. A keen eye will be able to decipher that white has many shades and grey is also one of them. Often photos will need to be brightened and a simple background whitewash can do the trick. Sometimes a white background is desirable as it gives a lot of breathing space to the elements in the picture. Such a canvas is ideal to display delicate jewelry products. Even a smart diamond solitaire can be made to look elegant with this photo processing. The white canvas works like a fabulous cut out and the main subject can be reused in another setting. When lots of ‘grey’ areas in the white backdrop appear they could be due to the sources of light around.

The eyedropper tool is used to whiten the areas that look smudgy. Various levels are adjusted to get the right temperament to the frame. The eyedropper tool and the technique of background whitening cannot be used if the color scheme of the photo is light. Both work only if there are darker tones. Frank background can also be used for effect. Imagine having a picture pair of earrings against the white background. It will look flat if the earring rings are merely placed on the white surface. But if they look like they are suspended then they give depth to the frame. Background whitening can also be used as an effect and not merely just to alter the canvas setting. Yes in this case the entire surface may not be pure white. A faint little shadow may emerge showing the silhouette of the earrings.

And it is ideal settings that can make a viewer admire the picture. Take another scenario. If you were to shoot a picture of a frank wall, chances are that the result will not be in pure white. There is an imbalance because the lighting has not been proper. That is why several photographers and their assistants take time to get the white balance right much before the shoot. Despite that the grey scales show up and the photo editor is given the task to do the background whitening. Even if the photographer can go ‘off white’ the photo editor will be there to make it look pure, perhaps better than the original. Some adjustments are done to make the white look white. This is now done even for websites with white background.

GIMP is also software, which can create this scenario. The image window is expanded to reveal the custom color palette. It has a padding color (choose white) when the options are given for selection. Take a view of the selection and then uncheck the box. The background whitening now can be done with levels. The main subject (jewelry, rings or any other object) can be now given a fillip with this technique. The product stands out and can be seen clearly. In fact it is crystal clear and almost the ‘real thing’ to touch and feel.

March 18, 2020

Comparing Digital Camera?s: Apples And Oranges

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The universe is filled with options on digital camera?s. There are so many digital camera?s out there that it would be impossible to compare all of them. Comparing some digital camera?s are like comparing apples and oranges. There are so many features to choose from. There are so many styles and shapes and sizes to take into consideration. You want to purchase a digital camera that meets your own personal expectations. Therefore, you have to compare camera to camera, in your price range, to see what fits your individual needs. That is a mouth full. But if you pay heed to the comparisons, you will be in much better shape in pursuit of camera satisfaction.

First, what features are there to compare on camera?s other than the obvious color and design that catches your eye. Camera?s are evaluated by the amount of mega-pixels they have. The amount of detail the camera can capture is measured in mega-pixels. Thus, the camera with more mega-pixels, is a better quality and accordingly will be more expensive. Another feature to look for when comparing camera?s is the zoom potential. Is it a SLR digital camera or a point-and-shoot? Investigate if the camera has a customizable dial or a vibrating filter to eliminate dust from your images. How big is the LCD screen? All of these are items to compare on your digital camera search.

For example, the hottest selling camera on the market is a Canon Power Shot A620. It has 7.1 mega-pixels of detail capability. It has a 2 inch LCD screen. It is compact with customizable settings. Now, compare that to its cousin, the Canon Power Shot A610. The camera?s are virtually the same. The major difference, the A610 only has 5 mega-pixels, less detail capability, but also less expensive, with basically the same features. The Fuji Fine Pix S5200 toes the line between a SLR and a point-and-shoot camera, while boasting a 10x optical zoom. Only 5.7 mega-pixels and a little heavier than your average digital camera.

The best thing to do is go down to your favorite retail camera outlet and compare the digital camera?s in your price range. See which one can best satisfy your expectations for the money you have to spend. Compare and come out a winner.

March 6, 2020

Ten Things One Should Know About Digital Picture Frame

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Digital photo displays

A digital picture frame is an electronic device that can project pictures on its digital screen. The pictures can operate as slideshow in given time intervals. This gives an advantage to the user as pictures do not need to be printed out. Normal picture frames do not come with slideshows, background lights nor can these enhance a room?s attractiveness like digital frames does.

Digital picture frames mostly screen pictures in JPEG format. The images can be uploaded from a camera or a computer. Newly modeled digital picture frames are also able to send images directly to printers using Bluetooth technology. Digital picture frames can also play multimedia contents.

Digital picture frames come up with memory cards. Some of the frames even come with USB connections. Most digital picture frames can play MPEGs, MP3s and can also use internet technology through its RSS feeds.

Usually digital picture frames have plugs that needed to be attached in the socket. In some cases, these frames come up with rechargeable batteries as well.

Most 8 inch digital picture frames have 800 X 600 resolutions. Different brands have different functions and features. For instance, an Pan digital digital photo display frame with style of acrylic and black wood frame, comes up with a remote control, with a build-in internal memory of 128MB, plays videos and sound and also display clock and calendar.

Other models such as Kodak?s 10 inches digital photo display frames have remote plus Wi-Fi feature with same internal memory. Kodak also has an additional option of printing and could cost around $200 compared to $180 of the 8 inches display.

Although the price and modifications depend on the manufacturers, there are some cheap digital picture frames available in the market. It could be as cheap as $10.

The digital picture frames mainly consists of three parts. A LCD display panel which is a liquid crystal display; a printed circuit board (PCB) that connects to the electrically components and an outside frame that can be of various colors and shapes depending on the designs of the picture frame.

The most attractive part of a digital picture frame can be its LCD photo display. Most LCD panels are flat and thin. And could save lots of space unlike the typical monitor displays.

The reason why these digital picture frames are much more attractive compared to typical photo frames is, it has the ability to slideshow pictures and display picture that can be transferred quickly by the help of a USB or Bluetooth technology.

As the technology is comparatively new, digital photo frames are not yet considered as suitable as frames to be hanging in homes or offices. This is because, many people feel, the traditional classic look of the old frames is the best way to hang a picture. This situation is bound to change in the near future. The features and spatiality that the digital picture frames offer are too good to resist.

In future, these digital frames will get new dimensions and will be more attractive.

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