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June 4, 2020

Believe The Make Believe World Of Commercial Photographer

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Some argue that the world of a commercial photographer is but a semblance of a world that enables the audience to relate the advertisements and hoardings in a meaningful way to their own lives of everyday struggles, needs, desires and the wish to fulfil them. Verisimilitude some might say, but it is not absolutely untrue. A commercial photographer has to delve into the lives of the people he wants to serve through his pictures. And then with the findings of the everyday life, the photographer works around a campaign that not only shows the reader their everyday life but also gives them a hope of better life.

An advertisement is a promise ? a promise of a better life, better living conditions, better amenities, better health and a lot of other things that a person holds dear. The job of the commercial photographer is to uphold that hope that the average ordinary human being nurtures in the mind and goes about the daily chores of life.

The job of a commercial photographer is to bring out that promise that the client or the manufacturer wants to communicate to his consumers. This is no small job. It takes several shots to finally get that shot which would portray this promise and encourage the hope further.

The world of advertisement is meant to be the ?real world? where fantasies would take shape and thus help in human evolution. Imagination is that important element that would help us all pull off the ordeal of surpassing the present and make way for the future. And the commercial photographer just helps us imagine through his work. The commercial photographer helps us conquer the unimaginable. Shattering the illusions of tomorrow, an advertisement gives us the inspiration to find our way to fulfil the dreams or what we fantasise, today.

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